5 Bedroom House Development // Wilmslow, Cheshire


Moore Secure, the professional installers, have become a certified contractor for Systemline 7 (S7), the state-of-the-art multi-room audio solution. Since completing the one-day Systemline training course, Moore Secure has added S7 to its portfolio of services and solutions and was recently appointed by property developer Jones Homes to install the innovative product within a new build development in Wilmslow, Cheshire.


In total, S7 has been installed in nine properties within the new Bollin Park estate including a five-bedroom home purchased by Paul and Lisa Madeira. The house features an open plan kitchen, spacious lounge, and three bathrooms, with a garden room leading on to a generously sized family garden.

"Moore Secure has added S7 to its portfolio of services"


S7 is built into the fabric of the property and provides high quality audio in up to 24 separate, independent zones. It supports up to and including 24/192 music files for the very best sound quality and facilitates options for personal listening, adding wireless zones and creating a home cinema zone.

S7 is extremely easy to use, with a simple ‘one button’ control keypad. Naturally, it can also be controlled remotely from a user’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. In addition, S7 works seamlessly with digital TV and a host of other media applications, including iTunes, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, YouTube, Last FM, Rhapsody, Facebook and BBC iPlayer.

Another key feature of S7 is that it uses an open access Internet protocol gateway, which encourages connectivity and allows two-way communications with third party control. Unlike mass market closed systems, this means that S7 will easily interface with other home automation Discreet yet powerful in-ceiling speakers systems and building management systems to enable an installer to create a whole house solution that works seamlessly for the user.

"The ability to have multiple zones was very appealing to us... we all have very different tastes in music and now we have our own areas where we can listen to our favourite songs."


Supported by a dedicated team of electrical installers, Moore Secure is able to guarantee its customers a smooth and quick service. Whilst S7 is traditionally installed during the construction of the interior walls, this particular project involved retrofitting S7 after the plastering had been completed. As a result, the assignment took a little longer to complete than usual, but the three-man team was able to install the solution over the course of a few days. This included a full cabling infrastructure using cables from the award-winning QED.

In addition to setting-up the cabling infrastructure for S7, six in-wall keypads were installed so the solution could be manually operated in the main bedrooms, kitchen and living room, whilst additional zones were created in the bathroom and garden, incorporating wetroom and weatherproof speakers respectively. Due to connectivity of the Systemline app, the solution can also be controlled via smartphones and other tablet devices.

S7 was installed and programmed in time for the new homeowner, Paul Madeira, to enjoy upon moving into his new property. Paul said: “S7 is by far the most superior home audio system of its kind and it is an attractive product to any home buyer who loves listening to music. The ability to have multiple zones was very appealing to us. As a family with teenagers, we all have very different tastes in music and now we have our own areas where we can listen to our favourite songs.

“I also love utilising S7’s alarm feature to wake me up before listening to music during my morning shower. It’s easy, convenient and sets you up for the day. I am also looking forward to the summer so the family can use the surround sound garden speakers whilst enjoying a barbeque.”

"Systemline 7 is a truly innovative solution that provides developers and builders with the perfect opportunity to add value to their properties."


Andrew Parkinson, Installer at Moore Secure, said: “Systemline 7 is an excellent product. We’ve had brilliant customer feedback about the S7’s sleek look and how great it sounds. Most importantly to us, Systemline’s comprehensive technical support is available to installers, developers and homeowners for the lifetime of the product.”

Gary Hardy, Managing Director at Jones Homes, said: “We constantly explore innovative ways to enhance our properties and to provide added value to our customers. Systemline 7 is a state-of-the-art platform that will benefit any music loving family.”

Jonathan Bennett, Marketing Director at Systemline, said: “Systemline 7 is a truly innovative solution that provides developers and builders with the perfect opportunity to add value to their properties. As a result, our trained network of trusted installers can enjoy a niche in their local marketplace.”

“Over the last year, more than 100 tradesman have taken part in our one-day S7 training course, which provides the chance to learn more about how the solution works as well as an in-depth tutorial on the installation process. Upon completing the training course, the electricians are then added to Systemline’s list of approved contractors who will receive direct installation requests from the company.”