Systemline integrated home entertainment

Systemline offers a wide range of multi-room music & automation systems designed to be integrated in to the very fabric of your home.

These systems vary in scope and sophistication but can generally be divided in to two specific categories, namely Professional & Self Installation products and Custom Installation products.

Pro and self
Installation Products

Not all installation products require specialist custom installation. Some just require suitable wiring skills and

expertise but beyond that, are largely Plug and Play. These products can be Professionally installed by a competent Electrician or can be self installed subject to a suitable level of competency

Custom Installation Products

Specifying, installing and commissioning Custom Installation products requires specialist skills, extensive product knowledge competency in programming and the understanding of wired and wireless networks. Consequently, products in this category are only offered for sale via suitably qualified and approved Systemline Integrators.

Innovation since 1988

Systemline S4 first introduced in 1996

In 1988, when Custom Install was virtually unheard of in most countries outside of the USA, Systemline introduced its first multi-room control system. It was the first system in the world to be based on universal IR control. It duly won an American CES Award for innovation.

During the 1990’s, Systemline became the multi-room system of choice for most specifiers in Europe looking to build their CI business, and it is fair to say that many of today’s top Custom Installers cut-their-teeth on Systemline product.

In the early part of the new millennium, Systemline introduced “Modular” which redefined the level of flexibility and space efficiency possible within a multi-room system.

Even a decade on, there is no other system on the market that has Modular’s level of flexibility, scalability and space efficiency.

Today, this extends to IP control, thus facilitating iPad control and generally permits control from 3rd Party systems.

You will also notice that we are now dividing our products in to two clear categories, ‘installation’ & ‘Custom Installation’. This is a reflection of the changes that are happening in the marketplace – with E200 in particular, being a shining example of how Systemline is embracing change with yet more innovation.

And it doesn’t stop there. Systemline will continue to innovate and develop solutions, which are appropriate to both the CI & i markets and look to provide the ‘wired-for-wireless infrastructure’ to deliver the level of choice appropriate for todays needs.

Systemline will continue to innovate and develop new solutions which maximise the enjoyment of music in the home, as well as embracing complementary home automation & control and Building Management Services.

Your music and your home in perfect harmony

Systemline is designed for people who love their music and

want to enjoy it when and where they choose with the

minimum of fuss and the avoidance of clutter.

Systemline supports all of the types music services you

might need, be it your stored music, radio services or

music-on-demand services.

Applications for Systemline

What really differentiates Systemline is the scope and scale of the system solutions that we are offering, from one zone all the way up to 16 zones. And the ease with which the advanced systems can be integrated with A/V,

lighting, HVAC and automated systems. Find out more with some examples of applications and how Systemline can service those applications.