AirWay: Wired for Wi-Fi 2-6 zone multi-room music system

An installed multi-room music system using Apple's Airplay system as a wireless receiver

Systemline Airway laptop

Systemline Airway Multizone

Airway 2-6 zone multi-room system

Combines Systemline Modular with Apple Airplay to create a simple cost effective multi room music system.

Apple Airplay & Systemline Modular: Airplay is a great Wi-Fi streaming solution which offers a number of benefits over Bluetooth. This includes better wireless sound quality and multi- room audio, rather than single room, operating range. The major limitation with Airplay is that when streaming audio wirelessly from a mobile device, it will only connect to one Airplay speaker. What Systemline AirWay does, is to route this wireless audio signal is from an Airplay receiver to up to 6 rooms. Each room is equipped with a pair of rather clever Active (hidden) ceiling speakers (the options to suit most needs and budgets. amplifier is actually built in to the speaker) and in-wall keypad to control on/stby and volume.

Prices inc VAT start at around £800 for a 2-zone system

Simple to install

Systemline Airway is easy to wire using standard UTP Cat-5 cable. Configuration is little more than setting-up an Airport Express.

2-6 Zones

Systemline Airway can be extended to up to 6 zones, so you can enjoy music throughout your home

Stream your music to
every room

Stream stored or on-line audio to any room in your home

Keypad control

Each room is controlled by a simple keypad to switch the room on/stby and control the volume level (independently of other rooms)

Extremely compact

AirWay is based on Systemline Modular which is still the most space efficent multiroom system available.

Airplay Ceiling Speaker

Modular Active Ceiling Speakers

This speaker pair consists of one active and one passive speaker. The active speaker has all of the electronics built-in to it to control and amplify one complete zone. Energy conservation is enhanced by the use of high efficiency Class D amplifiers, which have been carefully matched to the drive units to deliver first class Hi-Fi sound. All-in-all, one of the cleverest and most space efficient speaker systems ever designed.

Airplay Remote Control

In-wall Keypad - Zone control

One of these neat in-wall keypads is installed in to each room and provides independent control of on/stby and volume level. This keypad can also be used to select a Local input - see AirWay extras

Airplay Remote Control

Mobile device - music navigation & streaming

The mobile device is the means of streaming either stored digital music, or on-line content to AirWay. The mobile device will also provide a master volume control over all AirWay zones.

Airplay Remote Control

Airway Intra-red Remote Control

This is one of the most iconic handsets ever designed. It really is quite beatiful and it is machined out of solid aluminium. Convenient for instances where a simple to use remote control is the prefered control option. Note: All AirWay Modular speakers feature a built-in IR receiver.

Airplay Remote Control

Airway Local Input

Each zone can be equipped with a local input connection plate which provides an alternative choice of audio - rather than just relying on the centralised streamed music from a mobile device. Extra wiring is required, so it is advised that you consult your Installer if you require this option.

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