The first choice for installed single-room and multi-room Hi-Fi systems

Multi-Room Audio

Systemline 7

Systemline 7 App

A fully featured 2-24 zone multi source Hi-Fi system with TV sound integration

Each room enjoys fully independent operation controlled from a bespoke S7 App with optional hard-button or Touch screen keypad control. All of the popular music streaming services are supported including BBC iPlayer, Tunein, Spotify, Deezer & Qobuz etc. There is also built in storage for customers own digital music library including support for Hi-Res music file formats. In addition to music services, S7 features seamless TV sound integration, to make your TV sound great without the need for an intrusive soundbar.

S7 can be integrated with a variety of 3rd party lighting and control systems.


Single Room Audio


E50 bluetooth

Bluetooth music system with gesture control & TV audio/auxiliary input.


E100 DAB and bluetooth ceiling speaker system

Simple and elegant single room DAB, Bluetooth and TV audio solutions.